Respect, discipline, focus and confidence-these are the qualities that can help your child excel in the classroom and at home.

At ATA, our Karate for Kids students are typically between the ages of 12 and up are beginning to experience personal growth with a positive attitude, a high standard of goal setting and self control. Some of the reasons parents and students love the ATA Karate for Kids Program include:

  • Karate for Kids provides comprehensive Songahm Taekwondo instruction customized to be fun, yet, fulfilling for each child to consistently progress.

  • Students will have enhanced self-esteem through physical activity and fitness.

  • Each student is encouraged through achievement with our reward system which recognizes outstanding performance on and off the mat

We want all of our students to excel socially and academically. It’s this type of personal victory, our students strive for the next belt time and again. Because Taekwondo is an individual sport, each student is an active, valuable part of each class.

For school aged students, the Karate for Kids program is great for development during a time when they are searching for identity and learning more independence.

Let us know if the Karate for Kids program is right for you!

TEEN / ADULT BBC (12 YRS old & UP)

Do you want to be part of an elite group that’s filled with confidence and driven by personal goals? That’s exactly what the Black Belt Club can offer! The ride to achieve this prestigious rank entails a variety of achievements, which are enhanced through our Black Belt Club Program. If you think learning an ATA Black Belt is in your future, consider this program because of the following:

•Students will have the opportunity to master the teachings of Songahm Taekwondo through personalized training programs dedicated to help enhance physical abilities and moral characteristics.

•With well rounded curriculum based on a positive attitude and high goal setting, the Black Belt Club program can provide students the achievement of a lifetime.

•You will further develop a strong martial arts foundation in the basics and begin maximizing your skills to the next level.

•In the Black Belt Club, we are focused on the complete personal development of each student.

•Black Belt Club students will work closely within structures to build strong character, powerful leadership and good values.

Students who know that black belt is the goal insight should consider being part of the ATA Black Belt Club. Ask your instructor if this program is something that can be part of your martial arts journey!


At ATA, it is our goal to build a generation of leaders who have success far beyond the walls of the martial arts classroom. As part of the Leadership Program, you will be challenged more physically and mentally and will enhance your martial art experience through the following:

•The six Leadership life skills - Honesty, Discipline, Belief, Communication, Self-Esteem, and Respect

•More advanced specialty marital arts seminars and classes

•ATA Xtreme — a fusion of traditional martial arts and creative interpretation

•More opportunities in the ATA’s elite competition circuit

•Learning how to be an effective leader in Taekwondo, at home, at school and work

ATA’ s ability to shape and mold people’s lives in a positive way has significantly contributed to the success of its members worldwide. If you want to achieve greatness — and help others achieve greatness — maybe the ATA Leadership program is for you!